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1:1 Nutrition Coaching

Get a personalised programme to support new habits and a healthy approach to food.

Online Group Programmes

Work on your health in a community of like-minded people.

Corporate Health & Wellbeing

Create a bespoke approach to support employees’ healthy food & lifestyle choices

Do You Want To Look & Feel fabulous?

Are you lacking in energy?
Is your weight getting out of control?
Do you worry about everything?
Does life feel exhausting right now?

I’m Alison Chappell and I felt like this until I took my health into my own hands, and retrained as a registered nutritional therapist, personal health coach and bodywork specialist. I know how tough it can be, but I also know how to make ‘getting healthy’ easy and how to maintain it. Now I specialise in helping women just like you make changes to their diet and lifestyle so that they can start to transform their future.

My Programmes


Comprehensive 12 Week Programme

If you’re self-motivated, this 7 session programme is perfect for you. You will develop knowledge of what foods will help nourish, energise and heal your body.

Intensive 12 Week Programme

Weekly nutrition coaching sessions are great for those with complex health issues or busy, demanding lifestyles. I’ll help you to integrate a new approach to your health and lifestyle by working closely with you on the things that matter to you.

Focused 6 Week Programme

Clients with minor health issues or a simple health goal find this is a great introductory programme designed to kickstart your journey to better health.

Group Programmes

Popular courses include:
Managing the Menopause
Healthy Eating Habits
New Year, Healthier You Detox
Reset your Health (seasonal)
Courses run online or in a private Facebook group, weekly online Q&A sessions, nutritious, easy to make recipes and expert tips and challenges to motivate you.

Success Stories

what my clients say…

“Alison offered me sound, easy to understand advice regarding the food I eat. I had felt bloated, tired and hormonal, and she identified where I was going wrong with my eating habits and changed the way I thought about food, introducing me to a lower carb, lower sugar and higher protein diet. Since following her advice, I have lost 8lbs. I feel healthier and more alert, less tired and I have much more energy. Thank you, Alison.”


“I had gained weight, had bad eating habits and was in terrible pain with osteoarthritis and tendonitis. I am in control of my diet (for life!) and I now know how to nourish my body and avoid ‘triggers’. I have less pain, more energy and my body appears more toned. My clothes are all much looser. For many years I have been ‘confused’ over which type of eating is best for me – now everything is so much clearer.”

“I was feeling very low and frustrated with my inability to lose weight. I was also very anxious and stressed. I feel like I am on a more even keel now. My anxiety & depression has improved. I eat better foods which I feel has provided me with more energy. My stomach issues have improved 100%. My advice to someone thinking about trying a Nutritional Therapist for the first time is: Try it! You have nothing to lose and you may find that the changes you make have a positive effect on you physically & mentally.”

Feel Fantastic and Full of Life Again

Nutrition News

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